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Our Story


Our Values

Our Story

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Melbourne, Gateway ICT began with a simple vision: to help our customers 'Communicate without Boundaries'. Over the years, we have evolved beyond this vision to become a leading Tier 1 provider of Cloud ICT Solutions, Modern DataCentre Network Consultancy, Design, Deployment, Maintenance, and Support through our comprehensive Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) offerings.


Our team of technology specialists is dedicated to empowering businesses to achieve their goals with cutting-edge and efficient IT strategies. As a Microsoft Silver consulting partner, we equip our clients with advanced Microsoft and Cisco technologies and services. Additionally, our expertise now includes Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, enabling our clients to make data-driven decisions that drive success and innovation.


We believe in the transformative power of technology to enhance business operations and lives. By partnering closely with our clients, we gain a deep understanding of their unique needs and challenges, allowing us to tailor solutions that drive their success. Our expertise spans cloud technology implementation, network security enhancement, system modernization, and advanced BI solutions, ensuring that businesses thrive in the modern digital landscape.


We take pride in our dedication to delivering top-tier support to our clients, from the initial consultation through to implementation and ongoing management. Our expert team is on hand to provide the necessary resources to help our clients meet their objectives and stay competitive in a constantly evolving tech landscape.


At Gateway ICT, we value collaboration and are committed to working alongside our clients to propel their success. If you're looking to elevate your business with innovative and impactful IT and BI solutions, contact us today to discover how we can assist you.

Our Values



We are inquisitive, inventive, and constantly seeking knowledge. We put in the effort, are passionate about our work, and are committed to the success of our customers.



We are committed to enduring partnerships. We cultivate trusted connections with our customers, partners, and team members, maintaining honesty and ethical practices as the foundation of our operations.



We achieve more as a team than as individuals. We cherish and uplift one another, collaborating effectively to make a positive difference in our business and beyond.

Key Speaker

Career growth and learning

We recognize that our people are the cornerstone of our success, so we strive to foster an open, inclusive, and collaborative environment where everyone can flourish. As a driven team, we consistently offer tailored opportunities for growth and development, ensuring lifelong learning and clear avenues for advancement.

Work-life balance

We understand the significance of safeguarding the wellbeing of our team, which is why we adopt a proactive stance. By conducting our business with integrity and providing a range of benefits that improve with tenure, we take pride in attracting individuals who are eager to remain with us. This approach is validated by our average employee tenure of 10 years.

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