Cloud Computing, based on virtualisation, Gateway takes a very different approach to disaster recovery. With virtualisation, the entire server, including the operating system, applications, patches and data is encapsulated into a single software bundle or virtual server. This entire virtual server can be copied or backed up to an offsite data centre and spun up on a virtual host in a matter of minutes.

Managed applications and managed DR. An increasingly popular option is to put both primary production and disaster recovery instances into the cloud and have both handled by Gateway’s Managed Service Offering (MSP). By doing this you’re reaping all the benefits of cloud computing, from usage-based cost to eliminating on-premises infrastructure. Instead of doing it yourself, you’re deferring DR to the cloud or managed service provider. The choice of service provider and the process of negotiating appropriate service-level agreements (SLAs) are of utmost importance. By handing over control to Gateway and Telstra as your Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider. You are in good hands.

Gateway can also guide you with regard to what your future requirements will be and advice and recommend strategies that minimise risks and maximise returns.

Our Capabilities
  • Independent advisory services
  • Current state and requirements analysis
  • Vendor selection based on budgets and stated requirements for data location, security and compliance
  • Solution architecture and network design
  • Migration of legacy services, data and infrastructure to the cloud
  • Integration with on premise applications and infrastructure
  • Cloud brokerage services- leverage our relationships to get the best deal
  • One bill for all your cloud services and management
  • Fully managed service of all your cloud servers and applications including backup and disaster recovery
  • Fully managed service of your on premise clients, security and network devices

Our Partners