Outsource the risk of on-site servers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy the flexibility of managing your company’s IT hardware without overseeing the storage, maintenance and connectivity of it onsite?

You would have the control, flexibility and safety you want, without the headache. That’s where we come in.

Cost-effective co-location services mean your IT infrastructure is being taken care of in a highly secure data centre with numerous connectivity options. So you can be certain business continuity is not at risk. Whether you require on premise equipment, managed facilities or cloud infrastructure to enable your business functions, we offer a range of services to support your hybrid cloud solution, giving you the functionality you need.

Purchase your IT infrastructure and connect it at one of the co-location-ready data centre. You are then able to manage your infrastructure without having to take care of the physical location.

Gateway Partner with Telstra for Cloud Infrastructure that will deliver better results to your business. High performance services:

Telstra data centre across Australia and the globe are built within Telstra network providing reliability and reach to ensure security, performance and optimal bandwidth. Reduced upfront costs:

We provide the Cloud Infrastructure with easy, pay-as-you-go and subscription options to help you avoid the large, upfront investment of owning your own hardware and paying for maintenance. Faster growth: With flexibility to select the applications you need, where they’re stored and the level of service you need, you will have quick access to the latest technology, allowing you to rapidly scale in response to business demand. Data protection to ensure business continuity:

Your business will have less chance of downtime with our secure 24/7 monitoring system as well as access to our range of backup and disaster recovery solutions. Secure and scalable solutions: with access to Cloud Infrastructure you get the privacy and security you need as well as flexible and affordable solutions

Co-Location Services

Gateway can help you store and manage your data through co-location services

  • Feel safe and secure, without the hassle

    State-of-the-art facilities and security measures ensure business continuity, along with flexible and scalable storage capacities.

  • Know you’re protected in the long run

    Enjoy the benefits of our resilient service levels and optimum environmental conditions, designed with longevity in mind.

  • Secure and supported data centre

    We provide secure and effective data centre space with 24/7 customer support, providing you total peace of mind.

How we work with you to provide Tailored Infrastructure:
  • Enjoy a wide range of resources and options to suit every requirement
  • We design the solution to your needs and maximise its value to your business
  • Cloud resources dedicated to your use and managed either by us or by you
  • Take advantage of high performance technology for memory intensive databases or applications
  • Choose the best price and performance storage tier to suit your workloads
  • Connect securely through advanced networking that allows you to optimise bandwidth

Enjoy Efficiency, Accessibility and Security

The flexibility of our Virtual Server on shared compute allows you to:

  • Quickly deploy shared server resources for line-of-business projects or address immediate IT needs.
  • Choose from multiple processing and memory configurations, as well as pre-defined operating system templates and software utilising our service provider licences.
  • Use a self-service management console for online management and reporting.
  • Adopt competitive monthly plans with no contracts or installation fees.
  • Operate applications within Telstra cloud, which has ultra high-speed internet connections into our network to improve bandwidth and access for your customers.
  • Get IT infrastructure up and running to rapidly scale up and respond to new business, or test and develop a new project.
  • Separate data and business units out of your core IT system to facilitate a sale or break-up of the business.
  • Upgrade or replace your server infrastructure without a large upfront investment and the risk of predicting demand.
  • Ensure that external users have the best possible user experience by running your systems in our cloud for fast and seamless network access.
  • Using shared, secure and industry-leading infrastructure, Telstra installs the operating system while Gateway can help you configure and utilise the range of applications on offer, or bring your own.
  • Our Cloud Services management console gives you the ability to buy, view, create and manage your virtual servers online. Simple.
  • If you need quick access to reliable IT resources, our virtual servers on shared compute provide compute, storage, backup, security and network resources hosted in our Australian or global data centres, which can be accessed via the internet or private networks.
  • Gateway Partner with Telstra as they are the only provider that have integrated data centres into Telstra’s own network to optimise performance and bandwidth, so you get the performance to confidently speed to market and capture opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.

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