The time for dabbling in cloud computing is over, companies need to get serious about having real cloud operations as an integral part of their ICT strategy and implement a hybrid cloud strategy that puts select workloads in the public cloud and keeps others in-house.

It is a fact of life that Cloud infrastructure outages will happen. So it only makes sense for an enterprise to take a look at the workloads they can put in the public cloud where there lies the bigger risk of outage and data loss and those that should be placed on a more controlled private cloud.

Gateway Consultants are qualified and capable of designing your organisation a scale computing resources as needed without significant CAPEX investment, get processing power for large IOPS workloads, and benefit from a universal data platform that standardises data management across vendors and across private and public clouds. Key cloud features include standard data containers, pooled virtual resources, efficient data transport and secure multi-tenancy.

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