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Data Centre Solutions
Delivering extraordinary digital experiences



Gateway ICT is a partner of NetxDC datacentre. Australia’s leading independent data centre operator with nine data centres nation-wide, the facilities are custom-built and engineered to the world's highest standards to make it easier for you to manage and optimise your mission critical infrastructure.


NEXTDC has pioneered a DCaaS model that champions a combination of first-class colocation with your choice of connectivity services ensuring you get the very best from your data centre solution so you can focus on the critical priorities for your business.


A data centre solution to empower your Hybrid Cloud environment

Simplified national data centre service
With a nation-wide footprint of nine data centres across five capital cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth, you gain access to one national data centre partner, managed under the one contract, with one consistent set of pricing all backed by the same 100% uptime service guarantee.

World-class facilities and expertise
NEXTDC's data centres and the team of highly specialised people who design, construct and maintain them are recognised by the globes most respected independent assessors as the best in the world. The same engineers who design and build our world-class facilities, work with our customers to create solutions tailored for their specific needs. NEXTDC solutions deliver industry-leading levels of reliability and availability, backed by a 100% no-break power guarantee - critical for every business using cloud services to help them deliver on their transformation priorities in order to differentiate business and remove risk.

Interconnectivity hub
NEXTDC’s Cloud Centre community is the most active and highly skilled independent network of IT service providers, carriers and cloud providers in Australia. Colocating with NEXTDC opens the door to connect to the suppliers and business partners and source the skills and services needed to get you where you need go. Colocating with NEXTDC puts the infrastructure that can't or won't move to cloud, right alongside your clouds and critical IT services all under the one roof. Helping you overcome proximity and distance challenges, colocating with your clouds ensures no more unnecessary costs or latency issues that impact network performance and customer experiences.

Advanced data centre infrastructure management
Every NEXTDC colocation solution is managed via our award-winning Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) cloud solution, ONEDC. Delivering real-time data centre intelligence, ONEDC enables enhanced management of your entire data centre inventory located in any rack, across any NEXTDC data centre.

Carrier and vendor neutrality
NEXTDC maintains true neutrality in the marketplace. Our commitment to neutrality remains a key priority, ensuring your business has the flexibility to source and select the services best suited to your business.

Creating unsurpassed experiences
Our focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience is what makes NEXTDC stand out from the crowd. We are passionate about building lasting partnerships with every one of our customers. Whether it's partnering to help support a critical priority, offering technical and engineering support, ensuring world-class comfort and functionality within every data centre through customer experience initiatives or going the extra mile to get you what you need, every time. We make it our business to ensure our customers come first.

Why NextDC ?

All-inclusive, pre-installed rack solutions mean you can move straight in, helping to reduce the time and overall complexity of your migration.

Moreover, not every data centre requirement is based on a standard build. If you need a more customized data centre space our team of experts will help you design and build a solution specific to your business needs.

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