Facebook releases new Messenger facts showing emoji love on World Emoji Day
Facebook releases new Messenger facts showing emoji love on World Emoji Day

It’s World Emoji Day on July 17, with Facebook sharing over well over 900 million emojis are shared on Messenger each day, with more facts and figures to make you reach for smiling emojis and more.

To celebrate World Emoji Day, Tuesday July 17, Facebook’s Messenger team has “released new facts showing just how much we love emojis”.

In addition, Messenger and Facebook say they are “also launching new features to celebrate the occasion, including a camera frame and themed text background”.

We’re told that “globally, we send over 900 million emojis on Messenger every day – and that’s just counting the emojis we send without any accompanying text” – with Facebook noting 700 million emojis are used in Facebook posts every day, let alone emojis added to Messenger text message “emojiquation”, which isn’t a new word I’ve just coined as there are 129 results on Google it, but which still pretty cool.

So, what is one of the most popular emojis in Australia?

{loadposition alex08}The Facebook Messengers tell us that “Australians are one of the biggest users of the birthday cake emoji and the most popular day for sending emojis on Messenger is New Year’s Eve”.

In addition, “the way we communicate has evolved throughout time, with the Internet boosting this evolution, especially in terms of messaging”, as we have progressed “from 160 characters to abbreviations (such as LOL), emojis, GIFs and now animojis”.

To see all the details, an infographic is embedded (and linked to) at the end of this article, so please check it out for more detail!

As for the new more Messenger and Facebook emoji facts and features:

  • There are more than 2,800 emojis and most of them (nearly 2,300) are used each and every day
  • Women are more likely to use emojis than men, with 88% of women saying they send emojis compared to 78% of men.
  • 1 in 3 Australians message senders say they add GIFS, videos and images to their messages every day, and that this helps them better express their emotions and makes them more creative.*
  • Spreading the love: On Facebook, people are using the (red love heart symbol) ❤️ twice as much as they did last year
  • Put an emoji on it: More than 700M emojis are used in Facebook posts every day

Here’s the infographic with more facts, stats and figures – click image for full size, full resolution version:

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