Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networks (IP VPN) are mainly used by big business, including government and enterprise. The basic concept of a VPN is to connect networks in separate offices and make them appear as one, or to connect remote individuals to their corporate network. This enables all employees connected to the VPN to interact with each other as though they are in the same building.


    Provide a highly secure foundation that connects your corporate headquarters, data centers, branch offices, small offices and mobile workers to each other and to the applications they use to be productive. With VPN, you can converge multiple networks into a MPLS-enabled IP VPN that allows users to rely on a single network to add solutions such as voice over IP capabilities, collaboration or cloud applications.

  • IPSec VPN

    Provide exceptional protection for your data with end-to-end encryption. Create a simple, highly secure VPN connection between remote users, satellite offices or mobile employee and your network hub.

  • Remote Access Service

    Extend your VPN to virtually anywhere across multiple devices to provide employees with simple, private access to their applications no matter how or where they connect. Gateway can help your business unleash the full potential of your VPN. Combine the performance of your virtual private network with innovative applications and services to provide a private, comprehensive networking solution that will extend your communication capabilities.

  • VPN & Voice

    Realise the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of VoIP by combining it with the power of your VPN. By running VoIP over your VPN, you may:

    • Reduce jitter and latency so your VoIP calls are clear
    • Prioritise VoIP calls so you communicate freely
    • Create a foundation for unified communications
    • Help enable flexible call distribution for remote agents
  • Integrate with SIP to Enable Collaboration

    Enable collaboration, improve efficiency, and minimise the use of network capacity by integrating Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) with VPN. Together these technologies:

    • Enables easy access to applications in the cloud
    • Dynamically allocate bandwidth to adapt to changing business needs
    • Consolidate access resources by combining voice and data on the same network
    • Easy integration of communication tools
    • Support my business with innovative industry solutions
    • Support future technology deployments
  • Private Connectivity to the Cloud

    Combining cloud services with VPNs creates a powerful networking solution that merges the layered security your business demands with the capability to dynamically scale computing, platform or storage capacity. Using a Telstra IP VPN to access your cloud services creates a virtual “private cloud” experience. Benefit from:

    • Scalability and on-demand response cloud technology delivers
    • Added control VPN provides
    • Enterprise-grade security, performance, availability and control similar to a private cloud in one solution

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