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Gateway’s (Support 24/7 and Cloud 24/7) Managed Service Plans offer the best solution for organisations that need comprehensive IT Support and don’t have the time, skill-set or resources to manage your IT needs and to ensure you are up to date with the latest technology that could provide you with a competitive edge if implemented at the right time.

By signing up for a Gateway’s Managed IT Services plan, we make it easier than ever before for you to understand, budget and manage your monthly IT requirements. Each Managed Services Plan includes expert level advisory services, training, consulting, break-fix and everything that a large company’s IT department would offer.

Working with us is like having your own virtual IT department, management across various vendors, private and public clouds. Key cloud features include: standard data containers, pooled virtual resources, efficient data transport and secure multi-tenancy.

What are the benefits of Gateway Managed IT Services?

Managed Services plan consists of a combination of four primary elements:

  • Expert level strategic planning
  • On-Premise or On-Cloud IT Management
  • 24/7 remote Help Desk support
  • Cloud based tools and technologies

The benefit of working with Gateway is that you can purchase selected services individually or you can purchase all of the services that you need in an all-inclusive
package. We offer a true single point of contact for all your IT services.

What does Gateway Managed IT Services plan allow you?
  • Establish predictable IT management costs through a simple, firm fixed price agreement with no long term commitment required
  • Scale up or down in usage based on your employees (end-user) count and infrastructure
  • Leverage cloud-based remote monitoring technologies to provide problem recognition and diagnosis quickly and efficiently
  • Receive 24/7 access to our team of professionals, whenever and wherever you need it. Guaranteed
  • Profit from Gateway’s continuous investment in intrinsic knowledge and Continuous Process Improvement, (CPI) IT Support model based on ITIL® – Technology
    industry’s framework
  • Benefit from seven years of MSP experience facing a wide range of business technology challenges
  • Gain access to professional & certified expertise on almost every business technology on the market today
How do I get started?

See Gateway’s Managed Services – Pricing / Service matrix as a guide only.

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