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5G & Wireless WAN

Business today must be agile. So should your WAN.


Maximise network uptime with an all-in-one wireless solution

Whether you need an interim solution during the ISDN and nbn migrations, require failover & back-up, are opening up a new branch or pop up store or construction site, we can help you quickly connect to the internet and get on with running your business – leveraging Enterprise Grade 4G LTE solutions with cloud-based device management software.


Key Features:

Highly available

The flexibility of wireless can help you extend beyond buildings, bringing products and services directly to your customers’ location.


While the 5G roll-out continues, experience 5G devices currently in market and Enterprise 4G LTE solutions upgradeable to 5G in the future.

Quick Deployment

Day one primary, temporary and/or failover connectivity.


Expand, contract, adapt, move, and evolve as your business needs dictate.


Supports a wide range of critical business needs such as EPTPOS terminals, for IP Voice, in Point of Sale terminals, for Internet access etc.


Why wait for wired lines to be provisioned, with Enterprise Wireless customers get Day 1 network reliability, flexibility and agility to scale up or scale down their operations as needs dictate.

Equipment to suit your needs

You can choose from a range of certified 4G and 5G equipment.

4G LTE ready

Our enterprise-ready devices are enabled for 4G LTE, with a pathway to 5G to help support your organisation now and in the future.


Day one primary, temporary and/or failover connectivity.

Scalable Data

A range of data plans are available, with add-on inclusions to suit your business.

Predictable Costs

Costs are fixed on a monthly basis.

Managed Devices

Focus on your core IT business, instead of management of devices.

Use cases:

Whatever you use wireless for, we have purpose-built LTE and 5G routers and adapters that let you connect more with less cost, complexity, time, people, and, of course, wires.

Branch Continuity (Failover)

in the era of mission-critical cloud applications, branch continuity and WAN uptime are paramount. LTE adapters provide te performance and path diversity you need to deliver a nonstop experience

Zero Trust Networking

For store-within-a-store, IoT or temporary contractor networks, zero-trust networking enables unparalleled security by isolating one network from another using LTE (physical) or NetCloud Perimeter (logical) segmentation

Digital Signage

From digital billboards to roadway signs, lobby marketing. engaging menu boards, and way finders digital signage is everywhere and nowhere will you fund a more reliable secure and flexible way to connect it all than right here

Wireless Branch Connectivity

Connect beyond the limits of wire with an all-on-one branch routers that delivers superior performance and up time with zero-touch deployment, cloud management, SD-WAN intelligence and unified edge security

Mobile Networking

Connect beyond the branch to pop-up and temporary sites, vehicle fleets and field forces with the peace of mind that comes with ruggedized, GPS-enabled mobile routers and enterprise-class security, management and control

IoT with edge compute

Whether you're connecting high-value assets like kiosks, windmills charging stations or surveillance cameras or aggregating sensors within a site, get IoT routers with built-in security, cloud management and edge computing

How do we help ?

Through our strong partnership with Telstra (Connectivity & Network) & Cradlepoint  (Devices and management layer), we're confident to deliver the business requirements.

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