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Private Networks

A powerful, resilient network your business can rely on


Telstra invests millions of dollars every year in continually improving its world class data network infrastructure. Telstra has been in the MPLS networking game for 20 years. The big investment in Next IP®, from around 2005, included their first purchase of Cisco’s largest carrier-grade routers (they also bought some for the TID network). That investment included buying the routers, having them installed and having them commissioned by Cisco. These days, many of Telstra’s larger customers are moving away from the traditional PSTN or ISDN technology and choosing IP telephony. The data network is still at the core of everything our customers do.

These days, all networks run over IP, but they vary in performance, reliability and security. For example, while you can use the Internet for business and enterprise networks, many organisations prefer to use Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) instead because it offers a private WAN environment with predictable performance, high reliability, and inherent security

Overview of Next IP®

Next IP® is the name we give the Telstra Private Core Network. It is a vast collection of routers that direct traffic across our network, Australia wide.

Why do customers choose Next IP®?

Telstra has a history of providing very large, high-quality engineered networks in both the private and the public domain. Telstra has decades of experience managing the network, its established loads, its traffic patterns and many other technical factors to achieve the “five nine five” reliability.

Key Features

Extensive network reach

Supported on Australia’s largest fully integrated MPLS IP platform, and integrated with our domestic and international networks with over 2,000 points of presence worldwide.

Managed network services

Telstra manages your virtual private network end-to-end, freeing up your resources to focus on your core business.

Optimum security for your data

Adoption of security design best practice and independently audited ISO-27001 accreditation

Per-site billing

Simple monthly per-site billing that you can reconcile easily—no data usage charges apply.

Last-mile access services

Choose from a range of services to connect your sites, such as Telstra Ethernet, Ethernet-Lite, ADSL, and Ethernet or broadband on the nbn network.


Simple IP connectivity
Take the headache out of building an enterprise-grade network with a simple and integrated approach. Have the flexibility to use your compatible Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), or purchase it and a network as managed.


A secure connection throughout your network
Our experience and expertise in providing security solutions to security-dependent organisations in the public and private sectors help your business communicate, collaborate and transact with enterprise-grade protection.


A solution to suit your budget
Our highly scalable solutions can be tailored to suit your budget, as well as networking, application and staff needs. Help grow your business with advanced features such as class of service (CoS) and a compatible range of IP value-added services (VAS).


A trusted solution

The Telstra Next IP® network core is the largest business network in Australia. It uses the latest technology to support a huge range of convergent applications and services by combining the flexibility of the internet, assured security, and reliable network performance.

Gateway ICT is Telstra Enterprise & Global Partner allowed to deliver solutions based on private network. the two key areas that we focus to add value are:

  • Power your business with consistently high-quality collaboration and application underpinned by Telstra’s Next IP® network and Australia’s largest mobile network.

  • Seize opportunities quickly in local and global markets with a dynamic network that can respond rapidly to your business needs

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