New Aussie ‘Treasure AGoGo’ app helps you find local markets, garage sales and more
New Aussie 'Treasure AGoGo' app helps you find local markets, garage sales and more

Want to know where the local garage sales, farmers markets, trash and treasures, retro shops and plenty more are located? The new Treasure AGoGo app can help!

Treasure AGoGo is the latest creation by John (Buzz) Lewin, “a local, ex-advertising guy who noticed that the humble garage sale and other categories had not transitioned into online media and that it would be great to find and promote them to eager treasure hunters with a user-friendly app and website”.

Across Australia, Lewin says “thousands of users are finding treasure at garage sales, pop up shops, op shops, vinyl record shops, retro vintage clothing shops, collectables and memorabilia shops through the app – even your favourite second-hand book shop”.

By using the Treasure AGoGo app, we’re told that “treasure sellers now have a medium to promote their treasures online and users/buyers have a way to find them quickly and easily”.

{loadposition alex08}There are ten categories to choose from, even including Trash and Treasure and Farmers Markets.

So, what is the major benefit of the app?

It is that “no matter what suburb you are in or where you want to search, the app will navigate you to the appropriate shop or garage sale nearby, to find your treasure. Users can search by location, up to a 100 km radius and by searching all 10 categories, or just by checking the category of their choice in the chosen suburb”.

“Sellers can also list their own garage sale or advertise their own shop or Pop-Up shop on the platform”.

What was the idea behind the app?

The idea came about when Buzz was “holding a garage sale and noticed that there was no specific website to list and promote the sale. The idea that the humble poster on the lamppost was now, the only way for Garage sale attendees to be aware of a sale, drove the creation of the project”.

Given the advent of the digital age created new opportunities, with even Pop-Up shops now an important part of the retail mix, with little or no “go to” media to promote them.
Treasure AGoGo caters to this market as well.

Buzz says, “All the big elements of classified advertising such as real estate, car sales and employment were picked up by big online players and transitioned to the internet.

“However, there were a few items that fell through the cracks. Among them, the humble garage sale was overlooked and left to the lamp-post poster to promote itself”.

As you’d expect, Treasure AGoGo is free to download and use, and is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store now.

More information here. A series of screenshots is below. 

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