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Disproving common cloud myths keeping businesses from Azure migration

With the cloud’s ability to boost collaboration, streamline operations, and help businesses become more adaptable, it has quickly become a business necessity. However, despite these clear benefits, to the uninitiated the cloud often appears as nothing more than an unknown challenge. For these businesses, the cloud migration process is a task more trouble than it’s worth.

This is backed by research that shows business leaders find the migration process too costly, and that using the cloud will retract their decision-making power. There also remains a significant lack of awareness surrounding how the cloud functions and the opportunities it presents for business improvement1.

The truth is, the reality of the cloud is very different. Looking at Microsoft Azure as an example, it not only provides thousands of applications that can assist with the management, streamlining, and growth of businesses, but also presents a cost-effective and stress-free onboarding process that makes the cloud migration process as easy as possible.

Below, we have investigated common barriers to migration and revealed why they are actually myths.

The complexity and time-consuming nature of cloud migration creates too much downtime

Many believe that cloud migration is complicated, time-consuming, and forces businesses to stop operating until it is complete. However, while there are brief moments of downtime, these don’t have to impact your business continuity. Especially with the right amount of planning and assessment.

A cloud assessment is an important step in Azure migration. It creates a clear and achievable cloud migration roadmap by conducting a real-time review of your business data. This includes your strategies, workloads, costs, and capacity. Gateway ICT will collate these findings into a detailed report and provide you with it typically within 72 hours of the assessment. Using the findings, we can help determine the best strategy for migration. Maybe you need a phased approach to process all your data, or maybe your migration will only take a short time and can be done quickly.

MYTH: It costs more to migrate than to update existing systems

Despite a few upfront costs, the ongoing expense of Microsoft Azure is significantly less than the maintenance of legacy systems and physical IT infrastructure. Older systems don’t have the capabilities to keep up with the speeds and processing power of newer technology and applications. So, if you’re attached to your current system, you will likely find yourself spending more on CPU, memory, and other resources just to perform tasks that the cloud can do with ease. Nostalgia will ultimately cost you and hold your business back.

With Azure, you will have the power to reduce your operational costs with automatic updates and software, as well as cost management and analysis tools. These will help you understand the costs of being in the cloud, set spending thresholds, and uncover ways to change your workload to optimise costs. You can also leverage automated tools that significantly improve your business processes. You could even save up to 34% in your first year by using Azure’s Microsoft Cost Management to monitor and reduce spend.

MYTH: significant training, onboarding, and restructuring is needed to operate in the

There is always an element of learning when adopting new technology, whether it be adjusting to a new process or becoming familiar with a new application. However Azure has been designed to be user-friendly, and you don’t need significant IT knowledge to utilise its capabilities.

You can even harness subsidised Azure technical training through Microsoft Learning and accredited partners, provided by Gateway ICT. You’ll also have access to a library of self-guided resources and step-bystep guidance from Azure engineers.

MYTH: going digital in the cloud exposes you to greater risk of cyber attack

There are many scary stories about cyber threats and uncertainties when you embrace digital

transformation, but Microsoft Azure is well-equipped to keep your business safe and operational.

It is one of the most secure cloud platforms in the world thanks to Microsoft’s $1 billion annual investment into cybersecurity. Providing built-in disaster recovery and backup capabilities that minimize downtime and data loss, Azure is supported by a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts. You can also benefit from 99.95% availability, 24/7 support, and continual health monitoring via a network of data centres in more than 60 locations around the globe.

Book your cloud assessment and move to the cloud with Gateway ICT

Now that we’ve unlocked the truth of the cloud, it’s time to start enjoying the benefits of Azure. Gateway ICT can help you arrange your Azure Cloud Assessment so you can successfully move to the cloud and use it to bring greater success to your business.

Our dedicated team will guide you through your migration journey, facilitating a smooth, secure transition for your data and applications. Operating in Azure means accessing a wide range of powerful cloud services that enable innovation, enhance collaboration, and drive your business towards greater success.

Don't miss out on the future of business – click below to register for your cloud assessment and discover how to move your business to new heights in the cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure.


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