VIDEO INTERVIEW: IoT Group’s Ian Duffell talks ROAM-E, Simon Kantor and global business success
VIDEO INTERVIEW: IoT Group’s Ian Duffell talks ROAM-E, Simon Kantor and global business success

Global marketing, business and strategy expert Ian Duffell has enjoyed a stellar business career, and is now one of the directors at recently listed IoT Group.

The IoT Group has been in the news of late, not only for its successful ASX listing, but also for launching, on April 1st no less by PR guru Max Markson, the ‘world’s first flying selfie stick,’ as we covered in iTWire at the time.

While many wondered whether the stick was a Max Markson stunt, Markson proudly informed the media later in the day the stick was ‘definitely real’, dubbed the ROAM-E Flying Selfie Stick, and it received incredible coverage in all the world’s tech press.

So we decided to ask Markson if we could interview the IoT Group’s 26 year old genius-level CEO, Simon Kantor, and get a live demo of the ROAM-E in action.

However, with Kantor having left to go back to China to oversee the final work on the ROAM-E before its global launch in a few weeks’ time, with all those global leaders including Obama, Turnbull and Cameron, among others including presidential candidates Trump and Clinton to get the first ROAM-E Flying Selfie Sticks to come off the production line, Markson offered us a very knowledgeable IoT Group alternative.

More below, including the full video interview at the end of this article, please read on!

That turned out to be Ian Duffell, an English businessman with some very serious international experience.

This included initially working in the UK as a Marketing Executive for Sony Corporation with responsibility for launching products such as the Walkman and Compact Disc before later moving into the music industry as Managing Director of HMV, opening the world’s largest music store in 1987.

Duffell’s international career began in 1987 as CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group heading up the company’s expansion into the Asia-Pacific region. In 1992, Duffell then relocated to the US, opening more than 20 Virgin Megastores in a six-year period, including the landmark Times Square, New York store.

Duffel then moved to Australia in 2001 to become CEO of Brazin, a music and fashion retailer.

Today, Duffell is a Board Director of The IoT Group, which not only produces the ROAM-E Flying Selfie Stick, but also products and markets a range of affordable smart wearable devices – with over 40 products in the pipeline to come.

In our interview with Duffell, we introduce him to viewers and ask him to tell us a bit about his business background.

We ask what some of the 40 products to come might be, and then move onto the development of the ROAM-E Selfie Stick.

We ask Duffell to explain the safety protocols around ROAM-E use, in case a tourist decides to use the Flying Selfie Stick in a crowded area.

When then ask Duffell to tell us a bit about Simon Kantor, and note that we’d still like to interview him in the future and see the Flying Selfie Stick in action for ourselves.

The final three questions are to ask Duffell on his thoughts about the future, where he thinks technology will be in a decade’s time, and what his final messages to iTWire viewers and readers is.

So, here is our interview in full with Ian – enjoy!

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